DTE Energy Program Takes the Guesswork out of Energy Bills


DETROIT, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- With colder weather just around the corner, DTE Energy is reminding customers they can take the guesswork out of their energy bills by signing up for its BudgetWise Billing program. Customers enrolled in the program manage energy bills by paying the same amount for gas and/or electric service for 11 months.

"Aside from being a wonderful way to manage your energy bills, the BudgetWise Billing program provides peace of mind to customers," said Joyce Hayes-Giles, senior vice president, Customer Service. "By knowing what to expect to pay each month for gas and electricity, customers don't have to worry about the seasonal ups and downs of energy costs."

When a customer enrolls in the program, the company calculates the average monthly amount based on previous year's usage. Customers pay this amount every month for 11 months. The bill sent on the 12th month reflects the difference between the energy actually used and the 11 payments made for the year. This bill brings the account back to a zero balance.

The company will continue to read the gas and/or electric meter(s) each month and indicate on the bill the energy used and amount paid. Customers will be notified if the company needs to change the BudgetWise Billing amount to keep it in line with usage and avoid a large settlement month.

Customers whose accounts are up-to-date and have not received a shut-off notice in the last six months are eligible to enroll in the program.

To enroll in BudgetWise Billing, sign in to and select BudgetWise Billing under Payment Options or call the company at 800.477.4747 for more information.


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