Detroit Edison Offers Kite Flying Safety Tips

DETROIT, April 30 -- Spring is finally here and the sky soon will be dotted with brightly colored kites and radio-controlled model airplanes. While enjoying the outdoors, Detroit Edison reminds kite and model airplane flyers to play it safe around electricity by following these simple rules:

  • Select a level and open space away from utility poles and overhead power lines.
  • If a kite or other objects become lodged on a utility pole or tangled in the wires, don't try to remove them.  Call the utility at (800) 477-4747 to report the location.
  • Don't fly kites in threatening weather. If a kite is hit by lightning, wet string can conduct electricity.
  • Use strong, dry cord for kite string.
  • Don't use kites containing metal or wire parts such as cotton-wrapped wire string. Wire and metal will serve as conductors if they come in contact with electrical equipment. Use lightweight wood for kite frames.

Other common-sense rules to remember:

  • Avoid traffic areas such as streets, highways and railroad rights-of-way.
  • Stay clear of other kites and kite flyers.
  • Keep an eye out for rocks and holes when running with a kite.
  • Don't fly kites and toy airplanes from rooftops or other elevated structures. 

 For additional information on safety, visit DTE Energy's web site for children,

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