Statement from DTE Energy on House hearing on House Bill 4220

Representative Glenn’s proposed legislation, House Bill 4220, will cost Michigan residents and businesses roughly $9 million more annually for the energy they depend on every day. This legislation detracts from implementing the bi-partisan supported energy policy passed in December 2016, and will hurt Michigan’s continued economic growth and prosperity.

HB 4220’s costly impact on utility operations would ultimately raise the cost of electric and gas service in Michigan, while benefiting the interests of less than 0.3% of DTE Energy’s customers who opt-out of the AMI program. Utility rates, including opt-out fees for AMI, are established through a rigorous process before the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to reflect the true cost of service and should not be subsidized by our 3.1 million customers who participate in the AMI program. Any increase in the operating costs for a utility increases the rates customers pay for gas and electric service.

As MPSC Chairman Talberg stated in her testimony last week, Michigan’s bills and rates are lower than the national average. DTE has been and remains an industry leader in controlling costs, while maintaining a high quality and reliability standard for our customers, giving them peace of mind every day. 

After completing a robust two-year discussion on energy policy that provides Michigan residents and businesses with a pathway to a secure energy future, HB 4220 would impede progress for all across the state.