Statement from DTE Energy Vice Chairman Steve Kurmas regarding today’s House Committee hearing

"Over the last decade, the advent of technology has transformed the way we live, work and do business. DTE has embraced the shift, improving overall service for all utility customers, while integrating technology across operations, installing more than more than three million advanced meters (AMI), with a 99.7 percent acceptance rate among all of our customers throughout Michigan.

"AMI technology:

  • Addresses privacy and security concerns: Allows DTE to read the meter without entering a customer's yard, home or business to obtain a meter reading.
  • Collects the same data today as a decade ago: The AMI meter does not gather any new or different data than the analog meter gathered a decade ago.
  • Allows customers to control their own energy use: Provides customers with access to up-to-date energy usage information when connected to the free DTE Energy Bridge and Insight app, which can help them better track, manage and control their energy consumption.
  • Improves customer service: Allows completion of same day customer requested turn-ons/disconnects.
  • Allows DTE to restore outages faster, with more precision: Enables faster and more reliable outage detection and restoration through remote monitoring of the distribution network.
  • Is well below FCC limitations for radio frequency levels. Many common household items have radio frequency intensity (RFI) far greater than Advanced Meters and are still well below FCC limitations, including Wi-Fi connections, microwaves, cell phones and baby monitors.

"This technology provides tremendous benefits to our customers. DTE has actively worked with the Commission to address AMI concerns, and has vetted responses and recommendations through the Commission in a very thoughtful and deliberate way. 

"After completing a robust two-year discussion on energy legislation that provides Michigan residents and businesses with a pathway to a secure energy future, Representative Glenn’s proposed legislation would impede progress for all across the state."


- Steve Kurmas, Vice Chairman of DTE Energy