DTE Energy spends $1.7 billion with Michigan-based businesses in 2018

Company buys more than 70 percent of its goods and services from in-state suppliers

DETROIT, Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DTE Energy announced today it spent $1.7 billion with Michigan businesses in 2018, creating and sustaining more than 8,000 jobs across the state and exceeding its in-state spending goal by $800,000.  

Since 2010, DTE spent more than $9.2 billion with Michigan-based suppliers of goods and services, creating 24,000 jobs.

"We prioritize partnerships with in-state suppliers, and we encourage others to do the same," said DTE Chief Procurement Officer Tony Tomczak. "DTE's commitment gives Michigan's hard-working business owners new opportunities to succeed, expands the local economy and builds stronger communities." 

Below are highlights of DTE's partnership with Michigan-based vendors, including dollars spent, number of businesses, and total jobs positively impacted:

  • Southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit: DTE bought $1.3 billion in goods and services from 1,261 companies, generating and supporting more than 6,000 jobs. Forty percent of this spending – $512 million – was sourced from companies based in Detroit.
  • West Michigan: DTE spent $66 million with 215 companies, creating and sustaining more than 300 jobs.
  • Northeast and Northwest Michigan: DTE invested $38 million with 176 companies, positively impacting nearly 180 jobs.
  • South Michigan: DTE partnered with more than 450 companies, spending $182 million and adding or maintaining nearly 850 jobs.
  • Central Michigan: DTE invested $41 million with more than 150 companies, creating and sustaining 190 jobs.
  • Thumb Region: DTE spent $93 million with 250 companies, positively impacting more than 400 jobs.
  • Upper Peninsula: DTE partnered with 53 businesses, spending $12 million generating and supporting nearly 60 jobs.

DTE is a founding member of Pure Michigan Business Connect, a public-private initiative that encourages companies to buy from Michigan vendors and connects local companies with in-state business opportunities.

"We do this without sacrificing quality and affordability, which demonstrates the competitiveness of our state's economy," Tomczak said.

For W-3 Construction, a Detroit construction services company, DTE's focus on Michigan businesses translates into increased revenue and additional jobs. W-3 helps DTE build new substations to provide more reliable electric power for its customers.

"We've been in Detroit for more than 30 years and established a track record of delivering high-quality, cost-competitive services to DTE," said Linda Turner, client relations manager for W-3. "The increased business from DTE has fueled our growth, allowing us to bring on additional full-time Michigan workers and hire more local skilled laborers for projects."

DTE is also committed to developing a more inclusive supply base. Last year, the company spent $472 million with certified diverse suppliers and captured 11 industry-wide supplier diversity achievement awards. DTE's innovative approach to supplier diversity is based on outreach and mentoring.

"We seek out Michigan companies to ensure they're aware of upcoming bid opportunities and are ready to partner with us, or with our largest suppliers," Tomczak added.  "We meet local business owners where they are and connect them with new business opportunities." 

About DTE Energy
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