DTE Energy programs save customers $500 million in 2013

DETROIT, June 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) announced that customers who participated in energy efficiency programs saved $512 million last year and can expect the steps they took to result in lifetime savings of more than $4.5 billion.

DTE Energy's energy efficiency programs, launched in 2009, are designed to help customers save energy, which translates into lower energy bills. The programs include appliance recycling, in-home energy audits, low-income weatherization assistance, and rebates and discounts on energy efficient light bulbs, programmable thermostats and energy-efficient appliances.

"We're delighted that our customers continue to respond to our robust array of energy efficiency programs and services," said Irene Dimitry, DTE Energy vice president, Marketing & Renewables. "More than 200,000 of our customers took control of their energy use through these programs and saved millions of dollars as a result."

Comprehensive energy legislation passed in 2008 to assure clean, affordable energy for the future was the catalyst for the company's energy efficiency initiatives.

Since 2009, electric customers have saved enough energy to power all the homes in Ann Arbor for more than three years, while natural gas customers have saved enough to heat the same number of homes in Ann Arbor for more than a year.

The program also has resulted in job creation. Through 2013, more than 300 Michigan-based jobs have been created by firms under contract with DTE Energy. These jobs include field operations staff, appliance pick-up drivers, call center representatives and program managers.

Program highlights last year include:

  • Outfitted over 36,000 apartment units with energy efficiency measures
  • Recycled more than 30,000 appliances
  • Performed 30,000 in-home energy consultations
  • More than 27,000 low-income customers participated in the EO program
  • Provided discount pricing of more than 5 million compact fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs and holiday lights
  • Provided more than 28,000 energy efficiency kits to customers
  • More than 13,000 businesses participated in the EO program

"There's no doubt that our energy-efficiency programs are not only saving energy, but helping our customers save money," Dimitry said.


For further information: Scott Simons or Alejandro Bodipo-Memba, DTE Energy, (313) 235-5555