DTE Energy warns customers about Green Dot scam

DETROIT, Jan. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly 100 DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) small business customers in the last five months have been defrauded by people posing as DTE Energy employees. The scammers have taken more than $40,000 in just those reported cases alone.

This month, 29 cases have been reported, equaling the number of cases reported in December.

The scam involves a person calling a business, usually during a busy time, claiming to be a DTE Energy employee. The con man tries to convince the customer that he or she owes a significant amount of money and the power will be shut off within an hour without a payment with a Green Dot card.

The scam has been reported at a number of utility companies across the nation in the last year.

DTE Energy never asks customers to make payments using a Green Dot card, nor does it go door to door collecting payments.

DTE Energy is working with law enforcement authorities to address this issue and customers should call (800) 477-4747 if they suspect a scam or to discuss any billing issues.


For further information: Scott Simons, DTE Energy, 313.235.5555